Case Studies & Testimonials

Noise Cancelling Handsets

Noise Cancelling Handsets for a National Restaurant Chain

Problem: Restaurant hosts were having trouble talking to customers on the phone due to the ambient noise in the restaurants.

Solution: Adding Noise Cancelling handsets to the Host's phones reduced the ambient background noise, making communication easier.

Hotel Phone System Installer

Pre-Terminated 25 and 50 Pair Cables for a Hotel Communications Provider

Problem: Technician's were spending too much time on-site making cable assemblies from scratch.

Solution: We produce the custom cable assemblies and ship directly to the installation sites for technicians to use when they arrive.

Prison Visitation Kit

Custom Inmate Visitation Kit

Problem: Prison visitation handsets were needed at a location that had no POTS or internet access available.

Solution: We designed and produced a stand-alone inmate visitation kit with phone line simulator and armored cable handsets.

Push-to-Talk Handsets

Push-to-Talk (PTT) Handsets

Problem: TAA Compliant push-to-talk handsets were required for a military contract bid.

Solution: We produced and shipped TAA compliant push-to-talk handsets to the customer allowing them to win the contract bid.

Library Fax Kiosk

Custom VoIP Solution for Library Fax Kiosks

Problem: Many libraries no longer have analog telephone lines making it difficult to provide traditional fax services.

Solution: We designed and manage a custom VoIP solution providing analog faxing capabilities over VoIP.

Movie Prop Phones

Working Prop Phones for Movie Production

Problem: The production company needed a functional stand-alone phone for use in a movie, with the ability to record the audio.

Solution: We programmed and provided a small functioning Grandstream phone system for use on-set with an audio interface to record the conversations.

Elevator Assistance Handset

Custom Handset for Elevator Call Boxes

Problem: A leading elevator equipment manufacturer needed a custom designed handset to include in their elevator call boxes.

Solution: We worked with the systems engineers to design a custom handset compatible with their existing hardware and durable enough for public use.

Alarm Panel Rerouter

Alarm Panel Rerouter

Problem: A nationwide alarm monitoring service provider acquired a large commercial customer from a competitor and needed to redirect existing panels to a new monitoring number.

Solution: We designed a small in-line unit to intercept the original monitoring number and dial the new number with no panel replacement or reprogramming required.