Case Study: Custom Handset for Elevator Call Boxes

Elevator Assistance Handset
The Problem

A leading elevator equipment manufacturer needed a custom designed handset to include in their elevator call boxes.

The electronics to the call box were non-standard and special modifications to the transmitter were required to function with the existing system. There was also a requirement for the handset to be ADA compliant, noise-cancelling and have an armored cord for durability.

The Solution

Starting with a standard G-Style handset shell, we sourced a transmitter and receiver that was electrically compatible with their call box system.

The handsets are produced with a custom length armored cable, and special noise-cancelling transmitter to make it easier to communicate in a stressful situation. Amplification is added to the handset to facilitate ADA compliance.

Customer Feedback
"We tested the 2 sample handsets you built for us. Both worked well, but we prefer option B with the additional resistor in the transmit circuit. Please send a quote for that version so we can prepare our PO.

While we all hope we never need to use the elevator assistance phone, it's important to make sure that it works well if it is needed.

Adding noise-cancelling and amplification to the handset helps make sure the user can hear (and be heard) in the event of an emergency. Armored cords are recommended for any public-use handset for durability and security.