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We're a team of experienced Telecommunications and IT professionals with real-world experience to help you prevent common pitfalls, or get you out of the pit you're in.

If your product or project involves digital and analog telephony, using our experience can save both time and money. You simply can't find anyone with our experience anywhere else in the world.

Making legacy and cutting edge technology work together takes the experience that our consultants offer.

We can quickly assess where you're at, make suggestions to your engineering and development teams, make suggestions on compliance issues, and make suggestions on manufacturing here in the US as well as in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China (sometimes you just need someone to translate what the manufacturer is really saying).

Getting a project started or back on-track while avoiding common pitfalls can be amazingly affordable.

If you feel uncomfortable with what you're being told by your engineers or developers, your project isn't going well, you want to get your project off the ground as quickly as possible, or you just need someone to take a look at where you are in your project, it's time to get the straight story.

Testing and assembly procedures, documentation and training may be all that's needed to get a project off to the right start, or save a project that's not going well.

Software and firmware problems can be fixed easier than hardware problems. Hardware changes may require a new round of compliance testing before going back into production after fixes are implemented (a good reason to get it right the first time!).

Our experience can bring all the facets of your project together so you do it right the first time, and don't chase your tail if you're revisiting problems you thought were solved.

Give us a call at 630-980-7710 to discuss the scope of your project.