Case Study: TAA Compliant Push-To-Talk (PTT) Handsets

Push-to-Talk Handsets
The Problem

TAA Compliant Push-To-Talk Handsets were a required component in a government contract bid shipping to a military base.

The procurement specialist working on the bid had sourced all of the other items on the bid, but needed 1,500 TAA compliant push-to-talk handsets to fulfill the contract requirements. The NTSWG (formerly known as the TSG) recommends push-to-talk handsets in all secure environments and many government facilities require them.

The Solution

We produced the push-to-talk handsets at our facility in the suburbs of Chicago in less than a week and palletized them for delivery to the military base at the same time as the other components of the bid, allowing our customer to win (and fulfill) the contract.

We test 100% of the handsets we produce on a live system to ensure functionality before boxing. Handsets are individually bagged and boxed to prevent damage during shipping.

Customer Feedback
"I have checked the order and it was shipped on Friday as we agreed. Nice news and thank you for the fast service."

We're one of the last companies in the US making TAA Compliant Push-To-Talk handsets - with over 50,000 pieces produced in 2023. Whether you're looking for a few pieces, or a few pallets, we can produce custom handsets built to your requirements quickly.

We stock handset shells for over 1,500 types of phones including the newest VoIP phones from Cisco, Avaya, Poly and many more. We offer many handset customization options and perform the modification and assembly in the suburbs of Chicago. We can produce Push-To-Talk handsets with a variety of switch options. We also manufacture Push-To-Mute, Amplified and Noise-Cancelling handsets.