Case Study: Noise Cancelling Handsets for a National Restaurant Chain

Noise Cancelling Handsets
The Problem

A project manager from a national restaurant chain was in the middle of rolling out new Yealink phones to all of the restaurant's locations. Everything was going well on the technical side of things, but complaints were filing in from the locations with the new phones.

The restaurant hosts, responsible for taking carry-out orders and booking reservations, were having trouble with the new phones — especially when the restaurant was busy (loud).

The transmitter microphones in their new Yealink phones were so sensitive that all the hustle and bustle of the noisy restaurant was being picked up by the phone. It was difficult for the customer on the phone to hear the host over the background noise, and the host was having problems hearing the customer because the background noise was coming through the sidetone in the handset.

The project manager was in a tough spot. All the new phones had already been purchased and provisioned and many had already been installed, but the end-users didn't like them!

The Solution

Luckily while researching the problem, the project manager learned about our noise-cancelling handsets and gave us a call.

We requested a spare handset from the new Yealink phone and we were able to modify it to include a noise-cancelling transmitter microphone.

The noise-cancelling microphone allows sound to come in from both the front and side of the handset. Since the ambient noise comes into both at the same time it gets reduced, while the person speaking into the front of the handset is still able to be heard.

We modified the sample handset into a noise-cancelling handset the same day we received it and shipped the protype back out to the project manager.

The prototype handset was forwarded on to one of the newly upgraded locations and the restaurant hosts loved it!

The project manager proceeded to order noise-cancelling handsets for all the remaining phones, and we were able to manufacture them quickly and keep the installation schedule on track.

Customer Feedback
"Thank you for the amazing work you do and the quick turnaround on my large order of noise-cancelling handsets. I'll have many more in the near future 😎 What a difference they make and tons of positive feedback from our nationwide restaurant brands!"

We've been manufacturing specialty handsets for over 30 years. We can produce prototype handsets very quickly, and have the tooling and experience to take those prototypes to mass production once approved.

Aside from busy restaurants, noise cancelling handsets also work great on factory floors, in noisy call centers and anywhere else where there's background noise in the environment.

On most noise-cancelling handset styles, we can add a small potentiometer to the handset that allows fine-tuning based on the specific environment.