Case Study: Custom Inmate Visitation Kit

Prison Visitation Kit
The Problem

A project manager for a regional correctional facility needed to set up inmate visitation booths at a site with no analog phone lines or internet access.

The project required rugged ADA compliant handsets to allow inmates to communicate with their visitors privately and securely.

The Solution

We developed a customized stand-alone inmate visitation kit that required no external connections of any kind.

Using our Technician's ATA, configured as a phone line simulator, the only thing required to get the system up and running was an electrical outlet.

With the simulator in place, the project manager was able to install and connect our Armored Cable Handsets to facilitate inmate/visitor communications.

Customer Feedback
"The prison visitation kit you designed for us works great. With no access to POTS lines or Internet at the facility I wasn't sure how we were going to make this happen, I'm glad I found your site! Also great that you were able to make the handsets amplified to help us comply with ADA regulations. Thanks so much!!"

We've been making rugged armored cable handsets for over 30 years.

Armored cord handsets are tested and proven for high-stress public use environments such as prisons, payphones and museum kiosks. We can customize these handsets to specific use-cases with custom armored cord lengths and mounting hardware to suit the environment.