Case Study: Working Prop Phones for Movie Production

Movie Prop Phones
The Problem

The property manager for "Roman J. Israel, Esq." needed a working modern VoIP phone for use on-set.

It was unclear whether a working Internet connection would be available at the time of shooting, so a functional stand-alone system was required.

Additionally, the producers wanted to be able to record the audio from the phones for use in the movie.

The Solution

We requisitioned and provisioned a Grandstream PBX, Grandstream Phones, POE Injectors and network cables to create a small self-contained phone system.

We discussed the shots where the phone would be used and customized the system to function as required. The system was built, tested and delivered as a plug-and-play kit directly to the studio.

We included a Deluxe Handset Recording Adapter to facilitate recording the audio from the phone while the filming was in progress.

Customer Feedback
"Amazing! glad to hear the good news. You are amazing and saved us. Phones are working great.

Erick Garibay
Property Master
"Roman J. Israel, Esq."

Functional Movie & Theater prop phones provide viewers with a familiar experience and add realism to the production. Whether you need to ring an old telephone on a local theater set or show a functional modern VoIP phone in a Hollywood production, we can build a custom prop phone setup to fit your specific needs.

For simple analog prop phone functionality, our Technician's ATA programmed to phone line simulator mode can get you up and "ringing" quickly.