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Mini Hot Dialer (Main View)
Mini Hot Dialer (Main View) MINI HOT DIALER

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  • Analog Telephone Auto Dialer
  • Small Form Factor
  • Programs with Touch-Tone Phone
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Mini Hot Dialer

Small enough to be installed inside most phones!

The Mini-Hot Dialer is an analog auto-dialer designed for phones that only make outgoing calls.

You can use it on any phone and answer an incoming call, but it might dial the pre-programmed number in your ear when you answer. Not terrible, but annoying.

This is a great auto dialer for No-Dial, Guest Phones, Pool Phones, Taxi Phones, Money Transfer Phones and any phone that doesn't receive incoming calls.

Fits in almost any phone, OR plug it into the wall jack and plug the phone into it, OR put it in the phone room (it doesn't have to be inside the phone).

The Mini Hot Dialer is less expensive than our Universal Tiny Dialer because we didn't include the circuitry to prevent it from dialing the programmed number when the phone is answered.

If you aren't going to receive incoming calls on the phone with the Mini Hot Dialer, it's an economical Dialer that works great! If you are going to receive calls, use our slightly more expensive Universal Tiny Dialer.

The Mini Hot Dialer is a single line, line powered, analog phone dialer (no external power or batteries required). Simply connect it in-series with one or many phones (or a phone system), program the number you want it to dial automatically when a handset is lifted, and it will Hot Dial that number automatically as soon as the handset is lifted. Besides the phone number to dial you can program in a delay or a trunk access code like a "9, pause" before the number is dialed.

Works great with our No-Dial Telephones for calling taxis, 911, customer service etc. It's small enough that we can fit it inside any of our phones, including our No-Dial Trimline phone.

The Mini Hot Dialer has Call Restriction as a programmable feature. This prevents dialing with hand-held DTMF devices that fits over the transmitter (mic) on a telephone handset. There are also timers in programming that let you prevent someone from hook flashing quickly and dialing a number themselves (requires proper programming of several options).

It's easily installed in-series with the phone line using a modular jack. Password protected programming is done via DTMF from a connected phone, or over the phone line from a remote location. Programming of this device should be done and tested by experienced technicians. We'll program it for you for an additional $5.00.


If used in a Life Safety application (like a 911 phone, Elevator Phone or Pool Phone), be sure to check the operation on a regular basis. Check your local laws for testing requirements in your area. Something may go wrong with the line, the pair, the dialer, or the phone. An emergency isn't the time to find out there's a problem! Be sure to call the Police or Fire non-emergency number to let them know you're going to be testing, before the test!

If you need a lot of dialers programmed for the same number, let us know and we can program them in bulk so you don't have to program them all individually!

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Mini Hot Dialer (Main View)
Mini Hot Dialer (Main View)