#MIS1S - Loop Current Regulator - 66 Block

Loop Current Regulator 66 Block (Top View)
Loop Current Regulator 66 Block (Top View) Loop Current Regulator 66 Block (Side View)

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  • Regulates Loop Current to 25ma
  • 66 Block Version
  • Line In Use Indicator
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Loop Current Regulator - One-Line - 66 Block Version

Our Loop Current Regulator automatically keeps the Loop Current on a line at 25ma - no matter what!

No dip switches, no meter needed. If the Loop Current changes down the road, the Loop Current Regulator automatically adjusts.

Includes a BUSY (Line In-Use) LED that lights whenever anything in-series with the Loop Current Regulator goes off-hook.

High Loop Current symptoms include:
• Burned out Key, PBX and Data equipment
• Cut-offs and squealing on lines
• Crosstalk, echo or hollow sounds
• Off premise equipment problems
• Garbled data and modems that won't connect

Our Loop Current Regulator is a cost effective fix to High Loop Current problems. It's specifically designed so that it WON'T bring down the volume of the line as it reduces the Loop Current. You'll still be able to hear even if the Loop Current Regulator is reducing the Loop Current by 80ma!

The 66 Block Loop Current Regulator takes the place of bridging clips on a split 66M block. It doesn't fit on a 66B block!

The reason that high Loop Current causes different problems on different systems, and different problems depending on how high the Loop Current is, is that high Loop Current produces heat. Once the electronic components in a circuit get hotter than what they're rated to work at, strange problems start popping up. The problems are going to be different on every different model and brand of phone system, and at different premises, because there will be more or less Loop Current effecting different sets of components in the various systems.

More technical information on Loop Current is available in our Loop Current and Circuit Loss Tech Bulletin.

If you need to test loop current to see if it's high or low, use a meter with a DC ma range or use our Loop Current Tester (#TOH7O).

If you need to put in multiple Loop Current Regulators in a 19 inch rack, they're available in our 25-Line Telephony Chassis. Contact us for pricing and availability on the Chassis version.

If you need to BOOST the Loop Current or Talk Battery, see our Loop Current Booster+ (#KIT8L).

NOTE: If you just want to put something in your case to use for diagnostic purposes, the Loop Current Booster+ will regulate the line to 27ma automatically if you don't use the included power cube, which makes it a great diagnostic tool (equivalent to a 1 Line Modular Loop Current Regulator).

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Loop Current Regulator 66 Block (Top View)
Loop Current Regulator 66 Block (Top View)
Loop Current Regulator 66 Block (Side View)
Loop Current Regulator 66 Block (Side View)