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Burnishing Tool Instructions from


If you have a dial or any type of key that is sticking (from Coke etc.), use our very thin burnishing tool and a little Telephone Polish or WD-40 to get between the button and the frame to clean out the gook. It works about 80% of the time, and I usually do it right in the field. Don't use it for cleaning contacts after cleaning out Coke!


A more traditional use of the burnishing tool is to clean the contacts on relays and switches. Put the tool between the contacts, and operate the switch or relay by hand to provide pressure on the contact while you move the burnishing tool in and out (like a file). The burnishing tool has a very very fine abrasive on it, so it only removes oxidation, not the metal. Use it on the contacts on the backs of dials, on hookswitches (like 2500's, 1A2 & Merlin), on 1A2 line keys, and relays when you can get the plastic covers off.